A sample Count-config session

$ ./Count-config
    Welcome to the configuration procedure of Count 2.3

    o You must know where your system keeps CGI programs (cgi-bin directory)
      It is necessary to generate the install program.
      This directory must exist. If this directory does not exist, the
      configuration procedure will Abort!

    o You have to decide a directory, where you will keep all counter related
      stuff. This directory will have other directories inside. Default
      values will be supplied, press Return key to accept the default value.
      Accept the default value, it will make your life much easier.

    During installation, the directories will be created for you
    if they do not exist and if you have the permission to do so.
Continue [y|n]? y

    You need to enter the full path of the directory where you system
    keeps the CGI programs. This directory must exist!

*cgi-bin dierctory [/usr/local/etc/httpd/cgi-bin]: 

    You need to enter the base directory of the counter related stuff.

*Base directory [/usr/local/etc/Counter]: 

    You need to enter the directory of the configuration file.

* Config directory [/usr/local/etc/Counter/conf]: 

    You need to enter the name of the configuration file.
    This file contains the information about

        o if you want to ignore access from certain hosts
        o host acccess authentication

    You will create this file later by running the program "Gen_conf".

* Name of the configuration file [count.cfg]: 
    You need to enter the directory of the counter data file.
*Data directory [/usr/local/etc/Counter/data]: 

    You need to enter the directory of the Log file.

*Log directory [/usr/local/etc/Counter/Log]: 

    You need to enter the name of the Log file.
    This file hold the error messages of the counter. It also
    logs if someone tried to access your counter remotely.

* Name of the log file [Count2.3.log]: 

You entered:
BaseDir= /usr/local/etc/Counter
DigitDir= /usr/local/etc/Counter/digits
ConfDir = /usr/local/etc/Counter/conf
ConfFile= count.cfg
DataDir= /usr/local/etc/Counter/data
LogDir= /usr/local/etc/Counter/Log
LogFile= Count2.3.log
Everything looks ok [y|n]? y
Great! creating header file config.h
creating variables template file ./Config.tmpl for the install program..
now run ./configure

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